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The Upgraded Version of Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi Model B

Here are some of the New Features for Raspberry Pi Model B 512MB

  • Reset pin: Resets Raspberry Pi by adding a jumper to reset pin temporarily. No reset pin previously requiring you to pull the power to reset the board.
  • USB output fuses removed: allows greater capacity to power external USB devices. ARM JTAG mod: Now an ARM JTAG debugger can be connected to Raspberry Pi – for super users with access to JTAG debuggers.
  • i2s mod: Raspberry Pi has three independent i2s busses running on it. The decision to swap the two that are surfaced to P1 and S5 means the i2c available for expansion is less busy and more reliable.
  • Version ID links and Additional Expansion: Version ID links were included to read version ID, but are not ever used. Instead they have been redeployed to add extra 4 x programmable I/O lines.
  • SMSC Power Supply: Design change recommended and implemented to correct the way the SMSC Ethernet/USB interface device provided power to other devices close to it. 
  • New mounting holes:  These can be used to properly mount the Pi in an enclosure or other rig. Note - Users risk damaging their Pi if they over tighten any retaining screws they choose to use.
  • LED Marking: Two marking errors on the PCB silkscreen layer have been corrected. Want to learn more?
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